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Excellent alternative to hotel


Today the hotel service in Minsk is developed at the secondary level, and yet the price range is very poor. You’ll have to fork out to take a room which is comfortable, spacious, conveniently located, and at the same time furniture is not confined to bed and nightstand.

There are other options!

We suggest you rent a private apartment in Minsk.

Private apartment in any area of the city is excellently equipped and contains all the pluses of hotel rooms. These are the privacy, convenience, able to freely dispose of the leased space. As well as at hotel, you can come and leave whenever you wish, arrange your things as you like, invite guests or leave, not worrying about the safety of your belongings. 
Today rent a private apartment is much more profitable if you do not like commitment and constant monitoring by the administration for what is happening in the room.

Advantages of apartment are obvious:

- perfect anonymity of your person; 
- a full sense of "master of the situation"; 
- your own kitchen (you can no longer depend on the working time of the hotel restaurant); 
- availability of several rooms; 
- lack of anonymity in the interior; 
- furnished rooms contributes to the feeling of domestic comfort; 
- no need to constantly interfere with the neighbors, while coming and leaving; 
- the lack of permanent observers, concierge; 
- the ability to invite guests to an arbitrarily long period of time; 
- convenient location in the city. 
It’s simply cheaper to rent an apartment in Minsk than to rent a room in a good hotel, after all.